I see Fetch Rewards charges on my statement but I don’t have a Fetch Rewards account!

If you are seeing Fetch Rewards on your bank statement and do not have an account with us, this usually indicates your financial information was added to our service by an authorized friend or family member, or by someone else without your authorization.

Before proceeding with the steps below, we recommend checking with any family or household members who might have had permission to use your bank account to make purchases with Fetch Rewards (i.e., spouses, children, etc.).

If you confirm that the purchases were not authorized by you or someone with permission to use your Fetch Rewards account, it’s likely someone has gained unauthorized access to your personal and/or financial information. Unfortunately, there is no way for Fetch Rewards to determine how your account information was breached, but here are some steps that we recommend taking as soon as possible.

  • Update your online banking and financial services passwords.
  • Update your Fetch Rewards account passwords.
  • Contact your financial institution.
    • File a dispute
    • Request a new bank account number.

Once you have informed your financial institution that the charges were unauthorized, they should be able to walk you through the dispute process. Your financial institution is your best point of contact in this situation.

Fraudsters often buy and sell personal information, so it’s possible that your personal information is still available for others to use outside of Fetch Rewards. Working with your financial institution is the only way to ensure that your information is secured.


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