How do I earn points?

Participating brands earn points in two ways. They are called Base Points and Bonus Points.

Every participating brand listed on a receipt will earn Base Points determined by the dollar amount of the item. You will also receive individual item Bonus Points as well if the price for that item exceeds the target price (this is based on an algorithm that is constantly changing). The total number of points for each item will be listed next to that item on each receipt (Base and Bonus Points).

Receipt Scan Bonuses and Special Offer Bonuses will display at the top of the digital receipt. These are separate from the individual item Base and Bonus Points. Just for scanning receipts, you may earn points.

The Special Offer points are awarded for completing the listed offers within the app. For percentage back offers, points are awarded based off the price paid on the item. For an offer that states earn 20% back, if the price for the qualifying item(s) is $20, that equals 20,000 points (multiply price paid for that item by 1,000). Then, 20% of 20,000 is 4,000 points (20,000 * 0.2) meaning that's how many bonus points you can expect to receive.

Points awarded are based on final price paid: pre-tax and after all other coupons/discounts/savings are applied.


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