Can long receipts be processed?

You are now able to submit more than four images. 

  • Line up the top of the store's name/logo with the very top of the scan frame, careful not to cut it off.
  • Zoom or be as far out as the app will let you, in order to include as much as possible. The app will tell you if it's too far away or not legible. Then, just move in closer until it works.) 
  • Make sure scan of receipt is not missing any information. (store name & logo, checkout date & time, total amount paid)
  • Scan the entire receipt from top to bottom, in multiple shots if need be, using the "Add Image" or "+" icon, and leaving no gaps or “white space” in any images. (You can physically cut off the survey & store loyalty card long as the purchase total & checkout time/date stamp is still included.)
  • Limit any data overlap to no more than 2 lines. (The screen will show you where it left off from the previous scan.)


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