Tips to scan a receipt so items aren't missed

Please follow these guidelines when submitting a receipt:


  • Your receipt is by itself on a solid, dark, and non-reflective surface
    • A plain, black shirt laid flat works great!
    • Your leg, bedspread, stone countertop, or keyboard isn't recommended
  • Receipt is not stained, smudged, nor crinkled and is laying flat
  • Image is taken in a well lit area and no shadows cover or block any part of the receipt
  • Make sure to scan the receipt in its entirety including store name and/or logo, checkout date/time, and total amount paid
  • When including multiple photos for a receipt limit any data overlap to no more than 2
    lines. The screen will show you where it left off from the previous scan

Following these guidelines will help to have your receipts processed quicker and properly award
you points for your purchases.


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